Spice up the world!

You cannot help but think, "Why didn't I think of this? I wanted to design this!" at first glance. You are not only surprised to see the functions but you also find its beauty, thoughts and stories behind resonating in your mind. We create such "spice" by blending design and technology.


Hackin' New Year 2020
This work, named "Mouse That Doesn't Work You", moves the mouse cursor randomly at regular intervals when it is connected to a PC, interrupting your work.
Father's Nursing Assistant
Father's Nursing Assistant is a device that allows men to “breastfeeding” like women.
Jarvis is an arm type assistant robot that smoothly cooperates with humans in desk work.
“talcook” is a real conversation starter. When shaken, it generates a theme, icebreaker topic, or question to get people talking.
Palm Beat
Palm Beat is a device created for hearing impaired children to learn music. When the teacher shakes the baton, the egg-shaped device vibrates and glows accordingly.
Hackin' New Year 2019
The zodiac of 2019 is boar, so the device trembles and runs when you push a button of remo-con for home appliance.
GingerBread is a low-power Arduino Pro Mini compatible board optimized for mobile device prototype.
KABUKA is an IoT device that intuitively and impressively expresses changes of stock price.
PC Orchestra
PC Orchestra is an event device that can experience things like a conductor of an orchestra by operating 30 PCs with a dedicated baton.
Invitation Candle
Invitation Candle is a candle type device that can save your favorite images by inserting it in the audio jack of the smartphone.
How does music taste like? SQUEEZE MUSIC is a jukebox type device that analyzes the mood of music and makes juice suitable for it.
Sterter Clock
To realize the world where everyone can make their own staffs for themselves, as the second step, we created a service that enables you to create your own desk clock.
Smile Explorer
Going out with baby is not always easy. But for a baby, it’s always a precious experience to touch the world. Moreover, it’s important for a family to communicate each other. Can we change this into much better experience? Smile Explorer is a new stroller which realizes it with baby’s smiles.
Starter Watch
To realize the world where everyone can make their own staffs for themselves, as a case study, we’ve created the platform where you can design 3D printed watch online.
Yasai band
Yasai band changes any vegetables or fruits to the musical instruments. This work is going to be displayed at the GUGEN 2014.
Word Spur
This strange device has 8 LEDs inside and they are blinking in a certain pattern. Then you can see letters when you move the device on phosphoric sheet. The sheet temporally save the light of LEDs, therefore it can record the letters.