Junen Kyusu

Junen(=ten-years in Japanese) Kyusu(=teapot) is a light, unbreakable, resin-made teapot created by Taikan Hoshino, CEO of Ginger, together with Suzuki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which manufactures plastic parts for automobiles.


“Junen Kyusu” was born in the project called AICHI DESIGN VISION. The project is held by AMN Co., Ltd., which connects a manufacturing company mainly in Aichi Prefecture and a designer who is attracted to the technology of the company and sympathizes with their passion. Under COVID-19 crisis, we created new products in short period(about 4 months) using online communication tools.

「十年急須」はAICHI DESIGN VISIONのプロジェクトの中で作られたプロダクトです。「AICHI DESIGN VISION」は、㈱AMNが主催し、愛知県を中心としたモノづくり企業と、その企業の技術に惹かれ想いに共感したデザイナーを繋ぎ、コロナ禍において立ち上がったプロジェクトです。4か月という短い期間でオンラインにより打合せを重ね、新商品開発に取り組みました。

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Junen Kyusu has a double wall structure and has excellent heat retention. As a result of testing with a prototype, it was found that the temperature of 50 ° C or higher can be maintained about 3 times that of other companies’ resin teapot. Since there is no condensation on the surface, it is also ideal for cold brew.



The shape is easy to wash, the handle and lid are integrated so that it can be handled with one hand, and the shape of the spout makes it difficult for the liquid to drip, and various other ideas are incorporated to improve usability. Crowdfunding was done at Makuake, and we were able to significantly exceed the target amount.



We also designed a logo mark for the teapot. Based on the newspaper typeface, it has round details that looks like rounded over the years, reflecting the history of Suzuki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which has been manufacturing automobile parts for 60 years.


DESIGN: Taikan Hoshino(Ginger Design Studio)
MANUFACTURING: Suzuki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.