EMARF provided by VUILD Co., Ltd. is a service that changes the process of architectural design. Until now, in the world of architecture, it has been necessary to carry out a huge amount of interaction with various contractors during construction, but with EMARF you can save such trouble and directly realize your design.

Applying EMARF plug-in to CAD data, it automatically generates data for processing. Moreover, you can check the quotation at the same time. Also you can order processing to many workshops nationwide.

Ginger was involved in landing page design and coding, service site UI/UX design, and illustration for the concept video.




Official Site

Customer Touch Points

Since EMARF is a service that has never existed before, it is necessary to convey its value and usage to users from scratch. The landing page, which is the first important touch point with the user, was designed with a view to how to convey such information in an easy-to-understand manner.


UI/UX Design

As service sites on which users download plugins, check processing data, place orders, etc., we thoroughly standardized the styles and margins of each component so that not only users can easily use the system but optimize the cost for development maximize its expandability.


Client: VUILD Co., Ltd.
Design + Coding for LP, UI/UX Design & Illustration for Movie: Ginger Design Studio