Jarvis is an arm type assistant robot that smoothly cooperates with humans in desk work. Speech recognition allows you to issue various instructions, and eye tracking allows you to move the arm to the desired position.


For example, when soldering, you sometimes need three arms to hold three things: a solder wire, a soldering iron and the electric parts you want to solder, but unfortunately, we have only two arms. Then Jarvis can be your third arm and it enables you to work more easily.



Jarvis integrates the tobii eye tracking system with the results of Microsoft Speech’s speech recognition using Unity and sends it to Arduino for control.

Jarvisはtobiiのアイトラッキングシステムと、Microsoft Speechの音声認識の結果をUnityを使って統合し、それをArduinoに送信してコントロールしています。

Planning & Development: Ginger Design Studio