Father’s Nursing Assistant

Father’s Nursing Assistant is a device that allows men to “breastfeeding” like women. From the viewpoint that “male family advancement” is also necessary along with “female social advancement”, we made a device that enables men to “breastfeeding” that could only be done by women. Ginger developed the device design, sensing system, and iOS application.

Father’s Nursing Assistantは男性にも女性と同じような「授乳」を可能にするデバイスです。「女性の社会進出」に伴って「男性の家庭進出」も必要ではないかという観点から、家事の中で従来女性にしかできなかった「授乳」を男性にも可能にさせるデバイスを作りました。Gingerはデバイスのデザイン、センシングシステム、及びiOSアプリケーションの開発を行いました。

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In addition to breastfeeding from the built-in milk tank, when a baby drinks milk, a sensor installed on the nipple can detect it and log it with a dedicated app.



This device released at SXSW 2019 and attracted a great deal of attention both in Japan and overseas, including featuring in Yahoo! And News Zero in Japan, 5 million playbacks on the web and interviews from TVs in Brazil and Russia.

SXSW 2019でのお披露目をきっかけに日本国内では「Yahoo!」や「News Zero」に取り上げていただき、Webでは500万回再生、ブラジルやロシアのTVからも取材を頂くなど国内外で大きな注目を集めました。

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Agency: Dentsu Inc.
Design & Product development: Ginger Design Studio
Produce: Dentsu Creative X Inc.