Word Spur

This strange device has 8 LEDs inside and they are blinking in a certain pattern. Then you can see letters when you move the device on phosphoric sheet. The sheet temporally save the light of LEDs, therefore it can record the letters. 


we took part in this project with hardware design and making movie. We decided to make strange form for this device because this device is functionally strange and nobody have seen such kind of information device. The above is the movie we created for some competitions and therefore we got some awards (see the end of this page). 


The device itself is good stuff to play especially for children. Moreover, it will be more enjoyable when you put it to Heelys (a sneaker which has wheel at the part of heel). If you slide with Heelys on phosphoric sheet, the shining letters follows you. 


This device can communicate using internet with Wi-Fi and it can enable several functions. For example, you can input letters you like with Smartphones and the device shows the letters in realtime. Moreover, the device can show Twitter’s hashtags or weather forecasting. 



Japan Media Arts Festival 2013
GUGEN 2013
Maker Faire Tokyo 2012, 2013
Fab 9

Idea & Product Development: Hideki Ibi
Design & Promotion: Ginger Design Studio
Patent & Sponsorship: Toshiba Corporation