Starter Watch

To realize the world where everyone can make their own staffs for themselves, as a case study, we’ve created the platform where you can design 3D printed watch online. The interface on the website is designed so that everyone can easily use it and the 3D printed parts can be assembled without special skills.

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They say improvement of 3D printer makes it easier to create things. However, currently not all of us can easily create things. One of that reasons is the difficulties to make 3D data. You have to operate difficult CAD software to create 3D data. Moreover, generally speaking, its difficult to design beautiful form in 3D. Therefore, we solve these problems with the interface which everyone can easily use online. 



You can get the watch you designed with simple 3 steps: After you design online, it will be 3D printed and delivered as an assembly kit. You can assemble the parts only with a screw driver. 



We’ve developed the interface which everyone can easily design. You can design in 2D and confirm the form in 3D. You can also change colors of body and band and make it sure in real-time.


We’ve prepared 3 types of design so that you can easily design beautiful 3D forms. We didn’t make an interface where you can make forms whatever you like – we add restriction to the form so that you can easily create beautiful forms. You can create polygon-like designs moving apexes of the octagon in the design type named “Polygon.” “Element” enables you to design shapes with geographic forms like triangle, circle and so on. With “Digital”, you can create unique design like 8-bit with switching “on-off” of 22×22 small rectangles. 

3Dで美しい形状を手軽にデザインできるようにするため、3つのデザインパターンを用意した。どんな形でも作れるようにするのではなく、ある程度の制約を与えることで簡単に美しい形状を作ることができる。 “Polygon”は八角形の頂点を移動させることでポリゴンライクなデザインを行う。”Element”は三角形や円などの幾何学形状を組み合わせることでデザインする。”Digital”は22×22の小さな四角形のオン・オフを切り替えることでカクカクしたビット感あるデザインができる。

Maker Faire Tokyo 2015

LOFT & Fab Award 2015

Autodesk Creative Design Award 2015

Concept & Prototype Development: Ginger Design Studio