Smile Explorer

Going out with baby is not always easy. But for a baby, it’s always a precious experience to touch the world. Moreover, it’s important for a family to communicate each other. Can we change this into much better experience?
Smile Explorer is a new stroller which realizes it with baby’s smiles. To give shape to this concept, Ginger took charge of total process of design and engineering both for hardware and software, and created a website.

Smile Explorerは「赤ちゃんの笑顔」を自動的に記録することで、それを実現するベビーカー。Gingerは、コンセプトの検討から、ハードウェアのデザインと実装、スマートフォンアプリのデザイン、Webサイトの制作までを一貫して行いました。

Smile Explorer project site


In this project, we had to clarify the concept and at the first place. When this project started, this was just a stroller which connects to smartphones and all possible functions were included without priority. Therefore, Ginger gradually identified the direction of project through making personas to imagine what kind of people will use this stroller and what’s important for them.



We’ve considered a lot of designs based on the persona we’d set. We realized sophisticated urban design by removing unnecessary elements and add futuristic flavor to inspire smart functions.


The silver lines along safety bar and edge of hood make robust feeling, and we added a bit of elegance by making them partially thin.



We made housing using 3D printing in order to quickly give shape to the design.By polishing and painting, we realized perfect appearance.
Moreover, we also installed actual functions such as camera and auto brake so that we can test the user’s experience through actually using functions.


We made housing using 3D printing in order to quickly give shape to the design. With a prototype which has both perfect appearance and internal structure to install functions, we have tested the user’s experience through actually using functions.


This project won in “Todai to Texas,” a business competition for startups and got the opportunity to exhibit in SxSW, one of the world’s most important event for venture companies. Using this opportunity, we’re preparing partnerships for manufacturing and selling.

本プロジェクトはベンチャー向けビジネスコンペ”Todai to Texas”にて優勝し、世界的なベンチャーの祭典、SXSWでの展示を獲得。また、それをきっかけに製造・販売を行うため、パートナリングを進めています。

Client: Dentsu Corporation
Produce: STRIPES Inc.
Movie: Engine Plus Inc.
Software Development: Anno Lab.
Hardware Design, Development, UX Design & Web: Ginger Design Studio