To innovate a “spice” which make this world more interesting, Ginger adopts following 5 principles for every project.


1. Gap Building

Something surprising is something which exceeds assumptions. In other words, it propose unexpected value based on completely new concept. Sometimes, such things create new gaps in this world. However we believe such gaps are the keys to make the world more interesting. We start with a concept which creates gaps, not solutions.



2. Form of Thoughts

There are products and services which have changed the world. These have been created with thoughts such as “I wish I had such a thing” or “I want to have such a experience.” A thing which is merely new disappears as time passes. However, if it includes thoughts, it propagates through people and create a definite difference from the past. Therefore, we make it a rule to insert such thoughts into things we create.



3. Unexpected Process

To create unexpectedness beyond assumption, we ourselves have to go beyond our assumption. For this, we think applying an unexpected process is effective. We adopt methods of different fields using our wide-range of speciality such as marketing, design and engineering. Moreover, we are always open and co-create with different people for every projects. Insights from other points of view and meetings with new persons reconstruct the process itself.



4. Wild, but Precise

Reconsidering the concept from the root and caring every tiny details – both are necessary but they frequently contradict each other. Therefore, we use a lot of methods starting with radical reconstruction and gradually finalizing an idea: ideation frameworks, visualization of user experiences, rough prototyping and detailed one like an actual product. With a process like damping wave which gradually ties up, we realize wild ideas with extreme precision.



5. Discovery of Ourselves

If we can create a thing only with our current knowledge, it cannot be new. When we create a thing which propose new value to this society, we always gain new knowledge and points of view. On the other hand, we think this means we can also give new perspective to our clients. Therefore, we make it rule, both during and after a project, to ask ourselves whether we have discovered new ourselves.



WRITTEN: Ginger Design Studio, Oct. 21, 2016