Also in 2019, as “Hackin’ New Year” project, we sent the device to people who are indebted to us. The zodiac of 2019 is boar, so the device trembles and runs when you push a button of remo-con for home appliance. 

2019年も”Hackin’ New Year”と題し、日頃お世話になっている方々へデバイスをお送りさせていただきました。干支の「亥」にちなみ、家庭用のリモコンを当てるとイノシシがブルブルと震えながら走り出すデバイスとなっています。

A 38 kHz infrared flashing light is emitted from the remote controller of home appliances, and by using a sensor responding to this, basically any remote controller of home appliances can be used for play. In addition, this system is capable of one-to-many communication, and it also features that there is little delay 


This work uses our original Arduino compatible microcomputer “GingerBread”, so you can easily charge it simply by inserting a USB plug into the buttocks. 


Design, Engineering & Software Development: Ginger Design Studio