“AQUASKY RGB II 60” is a smart light for aquariums, released in July 2023 by Aqua Design Amano (ADA), a top brand of aquarium supplies loved around the world. It is a next-generation standard model of light that allows you to freely control dimming and lighting time using a smartphone. Combining enhanced heat dissipation with a stylish and sophisticated design, it helps grow healthy aquatic plants and beautifully illuminates aqua scapes.

Ginger was in charge of the design and development of the smartphone application and the firmware of the built-in microcontroller (BLE communication, illumination and color adjustment, etc.).

AQUASKY RGB II 60は、世界で愛されるアクアリウム用品のトップブランド「アクアデザインアマノ(ADA)」が2023年7月に発売した、アクアリウム用スマート照明です。スマートフォンによって調光や点灯時間の管理などが自在に行える、照明器具の次世代型スタンダードモデルで、より強化された放熱性とスタイリッシュで洗練されたデザインを両立させ、水草を健康に育て、水景を美しく照らします。


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ADA and Ginger first met in 2020. It started when a member of our company, who personally loves aquariums, brought in a prototype that he had created as an experiment. Since then, we have produced several IoT prototypes, the results of which have been published in ONLY ADA, a magazine celebrating their 30th anniversary.

ADAとGingerの出会いは、2020年。個人的にもアクアリウムを愛する弊社メンバーが実験的に制作したプロトタイプを持ち込んだところから始まりました。その後IoT関連のプロトタイプを数種制作させていただき、その成果は設立30周年記念誌「ONLY ADA」にも掲載されています。


We designed the application so that daily operations such as changing brightness and color are intuitive and enjoyable. For example, the timer setting is not simply a slider, but rather a dial that can be turned. Color adjustments are also made intuitively from a color palette, rather than by moving RGB values individually.


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For smartphone applications, Ginger handles not only the design but also the implementation. By integrating design and development, we have achieved an uncompromised look and feel. Also we developed the firmware – that is a program written in the microcontroller, which handles BLE communication, timer control, color control, etc.



The design and development of the circuit board was done by the client’s Chinese branch office, and Ginger provided support. In actual circuit design, there are heat and sound problems that cannot be understood by theory alone. In addition, color variations in LED control may occur from lot to lot. We repeated experiments and verifications through many prototypes to solve such problems.



On July 15, 2023, a launch event was held at ADA’s flagship store, ADA LAB GINZA.

2023年7月15日、ADAのフラグシップ店舗である「ADA LAB GINZA」にて、発売記念イベントが行われました。

Client: Aqua Design Amano Co.,Ltd
Hardware Development & Production: Shenzhen ADANA Technology Co.,Ltd
Product Design: Tangent Design
Software Design & Development / Development Support: Ginger Design Studio