Our life depends only on sight while everything is getting digitalized. Then, we made an installation which stimulates your 5 senses. Smella stimulates especially your sense of smell which is difficult to use for installations.


Shower of Smell

Smella is composed by 7 pipes which looks like a solemn pipe organ in churches. On the other hand, Smella has shower heads at the top of the pipes and faucets at the middle. When you turn the faucet on the pipe, it will shine stronger and bubbles rise from the bottom. Then the air spout from the shower head and blow into you from above your head. The air has smells and you can enjoy “shower of smell”. Moreover, you can enjoy compounding smells because each pipe has different smells.



CONCEPT & DEVELOPMENT: Norihito Yuki, Ginger Design Studio
EXHIBITION: iii Exhibition 2012 at University of Tokyo